Company profile

Sonnoc (Beijing Donview) is a projector manufacturer committed to the research and development  of projector technology and supply of high-end projectors in engineering, education, and commercial industries. In 2019, we put forward out slogan – Committed to Light and Image.

Sonnoc brand was founded in 2013.

In 2015, Sonnoc projectors were launched in China. With the perfect pursuit of color saturation, high brightness, long life, low power consumption, maintenance-free and other characteristics, provides high-end and stable products for the engineering market. Sonnoc seized the opportunity of projector localization and started laser technology revolution in projector market. Sonnoc's full range of projection products cover more than 90% of engineering market, becoming a brand with great potential in projector industry.

In 2017, with the transformation and development of projection technology, Sonnoc's product line gradually covered education, commercial, and engineering industries, and the brightness of Sonnoc projectors ranged from 3000 lumens to 13000 lumens.

In 2018, Sonnoc released 4 low-cost and high-performance single-chip DLP projectors with laser as the main illuminator for engineering market. They supports edge blending with the aids of professional graphics cards and the effect is more outstanding. They adopt the new generation of HSG color adjustment technology, and active 3D technology of WUXGA 60Hz, compatible with Crestron's IPLink control protocol,

In 2019, Sonnoc put forward the slogan "Committed to Light and Image", and launched the WUXGA ultra-short throw DLP engineering projector in China for the first time which projects super-large images in small space. The continuous working time of laser light source can reach 25000 hours. The sealing design of the optical system effectively resists the intrusion of dust.

In 2020, Sonnoc released 4 single-chip engineering projectors with TI DLP digital light processing technology, with brightness range of 6200~8600lm. They all have German Rheinland TUY laser safety certification and FDA certificate for health protection. They are equipped with the latest DMD and other main laser components and are compatible with 4K resolution and HDR display mode. Compared with the previous generation products. 3D function has multiple gamma modes to support up to 1920x1080/120Hz frame.

Its parent company, Beijing Donview, is a projector brand owner and smart display integrated solution provider. Beijing Donview was established on April 02, 2002 and is headquartered in Beijing. It has R&D center in Guangzhou, and a factory in Shenzhen. Its sales network covers more than 30 provinces and municipalities across the country. It established four platforms of sales, logistics, service, and information have been established throughout the country to supply our wide-range products and provide good service to our customers.

Beijing Donview actively explores overseas markets, and has sales cases in the United States, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, France, Turkmenistan, Australia, Malaysia, UAE and other countries.

Its core business includes: 1. Its self-owned-brand products, mainly includes projectors, smart whiteboards, smart blackboards, all-in-one flat panels, interactive teaching software, smart campus software, video conferencing, etc which covered more than one million classrooms; 2. Provide professional audio and video integrated solutions and cover education, hotels, finance, telecommunications, electricity, exhibitions, theme entertainment, radio and television, media, medical, Real estate and other industries. 3. Maxell (formerly Hitachi brand) products – Beijing Donview is the exclusive agent in China for the full range of Maxell LCD projectors,